the riverbend school  about  faculty and staff directory

 the riverbend school  about  faculty and staff directory 2


the riverbend school  about  faculty and staff directory 3

Faculty & Staff Directory

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Children's House, Toddler/Primary/Kindergarten Program

Kathleen Battaglia, Primary Intern,
Lene Castro, Toddler Lead Teacher,
Janet Gelcich, Primary Lead Teacher,
Soomyung Kim, Kindergarten Teacher,
Adriana McLaughlin, Primary Co-Lead Teacher,
Julie Miranda-Ahern, Primary Co-Lead Teacher,
Herica Paixao, Toddler Teacher,
Dianne Reid, Primary Co-Lead Teacher,
Rowan Salem, Music and After School Teacher,
Teresa Smith, Primary Co-Lead Teacher,
Christina Spargo, Toddler Teacher,
Nora Sullivan, After School Teacher,
Michele Taylor, Toddler Teacher,
Heather Vinci, Primary Co-Lead Teacher,
Emily Wasser, Primary Co-Lead Teacher,

Upper School, Elementary/Middle School Program
Lauren Cady, Lower Elementary Teacher,
Alan Cohen, Lower Elementary Teacher,
Christine Feder, Pre-K to 8 Spanish Teacher,
Anna Harea, Lower Elementary Intern and Computer Teacher,
Liz Lapon, Middle School English/History Teacher,
Angela Latona, Middle School Science/Math Teacher,
Giovanni Morant, Music Teacher,
Jean Ormaza, Art Teacher,
Pasquale Puleo, Upper Elementary Teacher,
Nancy Salaway, Physical Education Teacher & Extended Day Coordinator,
Sarah Sundstrom, Lower Elementary Teacher,
David Wilkins, Upper Elementary Teacher,
Karin Woessner, Upper Elementary Teacher,


Beth Beard, Marketing and Communications Manager,
Fadia Brangwynne, Business Manager,
Kathy Clark, Development Manager,  
Debra Daniels, Director of Finance,
Jane Fryer, Office Assistant,
Susannah Hann, School Nurse and Office Assistant,
Michele McKenna, Director of Admissions,
Leigh Niskanen, Administrative Assistant,
Karen Riccardi, Head of School,
Lynn Shevory, Director of Children’s House,
Melanie Wilson, Education Director,
After School Staff
Meghan Hahn
Bob Heller
Shawnnee Miranda
Nora Sullivan